Spain has been covered with countless castles and fortresses since the dark middle ages. These magnificent buildings have always symbolised power and strength, protecting the development of culture, music and art. These walls hid the cradle of Spanish culture of the castilla-era and these walls witnessed the establishment of the Kingdom of Spain. These stone walls basking in sunshine have sustained lashing rains, bending winds and the sharp blades of the Muslims. Moreover, these castles and fortresses, or as the Spanish say –castillos –always have been places where people could enjoy life and spend a good time drinking good wine. Castillos were the meeting place of the musicians, troubadours, poets and talented painters. Castillos were also the place where Spanish national culture started to flourish. Gran Castillo wines, inspired by the Kingdom of Spain of the Castillo-era, combine the strong character of the ancient stone walls and the sweet life that has always bubbled inside these walls. Every sip of Gran Castillo wine is a toast to the castillos glowing under the blazing sun and to the former kingdom that once encompassed the territory between Requena and Valencia. It is right here that the Gran Castillo wineries are located. Gran Castillo wines bring the spirit of ancient castillos into the present day. They combine a wine culture a thousand years old, a magnificent history and modern wine making techniques. This is how these wines with a rich taste bouquet and a sweet flavour of life come to give a truly enjoyable experience.

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