Torres Master Distillers is the business division of Bodegas Torres dedicated to spirits. The focus of its activity is on market segments dealing with high-end spirits. Torres Brandy makes Torres Master Distillers the world leader in imported Spanish brandy and its presence in the high-quality spirits segment is expanding. The Torres Brandy possesses a centenary tradition beginning in the XII century. This practice reminded in many Catalan country houses where families of winegrowers set small liquor factories to distill their wines using copper pots. By the XIX century, this distillation technique became a true art in every Catalonian house. Torres Brandy history dates from this period, when Mr. Juan Torres Vendrell founds the company in 1870. In 1928 this company, led by Mr. Juan Torres Casals – a member of the second generation of the Torres Family – , starts distilling its best white wines aiming to get a soft and aromatic distillate. For the last 40 years, Torres’s traditional values have focused on integrated viticulture, free of insecticides and herbicides, where modern biological techniques have been implemented with excellent results.

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